“Walk in to the menagery!

Proud gentlemen and lively ladies !

With avid lust or cold horror

To see the Creature without Soul

Tamed and bound by human genius!”

Frank Wedekind


Bilbao – Song

It was better when it was worse … A nostalgic song in all senses: colors of new-wave, the pathetic ethylic sighs, the memories of revelry and the taverns of the youth. You can claim, if you are full enough, and …

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Non ti fidar…feat. Madeleine

BLONDES or BRUNETTES? The question is always open. But … Here is made clear that the true female predator is of golden hair: once for all. For mild oxygenated and bold winking lads there is no escape! a … “tuft” …

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Bimbi feat. Madeleine

Kids, schoolboys, rookies, striplings… make way! Tonight … I want a MAN! Madeleine & Die Kreatur … in a sample from the outcoming album!

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